Building on the tradition of delivering on quality.

Since our inception in 1973, we have never lost focus on our desire to deliver on quality manufactured refractory parts. This gets achieved by performing on several different levels.

First, at Holland we provide engineered solutions designed specifically for your needs. Rather than other suppliers that may try to fit your needs into their standard product offerings, we start fresh with your solution, engineering for the part performance from the beginning.

Behind our parts manufacturing is a real hands on approach when it comes to customer service. We'll listen to your needs. We'll ask the right questions and above all, we'll deliver the parts when you need them.

There is a real pride in what we do and it shows throughout our operation every day. That's why you'll see that our other major strength is that our people stay with us, continuously improving how we deliver as a team.

Call on Holland Manufacturing and we'll deliver on your most challenging parts.

Large kiln capacities.

Inventory control insures timely deliveries.