Providing a variety of processes to get your parts right.

Because we manufacture parts for a variety of industries, we come with a blended background of knowledge, a plethora of solutions and a drive to deliver on the part that performs best in your operation. In the end, we will supply high quality engineered parts, delivered on time, at a competitive price. To manufacture for a wide variety of applications, we use numerous processes with a wide variety of materials.

Our bonding systems include:
Oxide Bonded
Cement Bonded
Alumina Bonded
Nitride Bonded
Resin Bonded
Mixes Available:
Alumina Chrome
Alumina Carbon
Alumina/Magnesia Spinel
Fused Silica
Oxide Bonded SIC
Nitride Bonded SIC
Alumina Bonded SIC
Alumina Zirconia Silica (AZS)
We perform 4 different state-of-the-art processes at our facility:

Patented Power Pressing:
4 machines using the SXD process to produce high density, highly uniform shapes, with predictable performance characteristics. Shapes range in weight size from 10 to 5,000 lbs.

ISO-Tuff Injection:
Through our injected molding process, we can engineer parts to exacting measures, every time. If you require complex shapes, accurate hole patterns or high density, tight tolerance, our injection processes will produce the best parts for your operation. Choosing from a variety of raw materials, we'll design parts that will perform their longest, while ensuring your operation runs smoothly. Customers know they can rely on our ability to produce the parts with complete accuracy, time and time again.

System utilizing both Holland developed castables and castables purchased from other companies.

Grinding & Machining:
Holland Manufacturing also has the capability to diamond saw, drill, surface grind and lap fired ceramic shapes.
Grinding & Machining